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Unbelievable Hallmarks of SZ Media


Aiming For The Goal.

We are only focusing on offering one service to one particular client in one industry. Other agencies want to give everything to everyone.



We make every effort to always be in contact with our clients and to inform and support them as much as possible every step of our way.

Honest & Humble

Setting Your Expectations.

We want to set the expectation of our clients as high as it needs to be set.
No fairy tales and no dreams.
Only the raw reality.

To be real.

Simple service producers.

If you want, you could do exactly what we are doing on your own – that simple.

Who We Are

We are the guys, that want to grow your goddamn company.

4 guys in 3 different countries who want to help you succeed and grow your business.
More you don’t need to know.

↓  ( and if you want to know who we are, then click the bloody button)  ↓

What We Do

In simple words: 

„We support solar companies, to grow their business by catching so much fish until they drown.“

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Sales - Funnels

Business Consulting

Little Realtalk

There are so many wannabe „agencies“, „coaches“ and „gurus“ out there that don’t have any clue what they are doing or who they are trying to „help“.

All of them sound nice and knowledgeable but all of them trying to manipulate business owners with their fake information or fake knowledge. We are trying to clear up this space so they cannot take the piss out of someone ever again, so you and I can go to sleep every night with a smile on our face.

What we are trying to say is..

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Leave the driving to us.